Nolvadex: For the Sake of Muscle Gain

Bodybuilding is a kind of sport which often requires some medicines to be taken to achieve good results.

nolvadex pct dosage

Apart from various kinds of steroids and other drugs, nonsteroidal antiestrogens, including Nolvadex, are often used to initiate testosterone secretion. It is clear that this medicine cannot be a component of all the types of therapy. For example, if the course is based on progesterone drugs, then Nolvadex is prohibited, and Clomid is chosen in this case.

Nolvadex and Alternative Drugs

Actually, Nolvadex and Clomid belong to the same class of drugs, the action of which is based on blocking estrogen receptors, their mechanisms are a bit different: Clomid is more selective and blocks estrogens in pituitary gland and testes. Although the action of Clomid is more rapid, Nolvadex is preferable as it doesn’t increase the amount of globulin which affects muscle gaining. Both medicines may lead to unwanted side effects, but Nolvadex is less dangerous in this terms. Also, its great advantage is lower price – that is due to the dosage required to get results. However, some bodybuilders combine Nolvadex and Clomid to exclude any risk.

Another alternative for Nolvadex is Proviron which also provides some anti-estrogenic action. However, Nolvadex and Proviron belong to absolutely different classes, as the latter is an anabolic steroid with ability to block aromatase molecules and improve erectile function. Although it has a smaller effect on estrogen receptors than such estrogen receptor modulators as Nolvadex, it had been taken before they were synthesized. However, Proviron is effective in libido improvement, and it’s the most popular aromatase inhibitor. Actually, these two drugs brilliantly work in complex:

  • Proviron is to be taken from the second week of the course.
  • Nolvadex is to be introduced as soon as the course is over and the body has got rid of steroids.

Doses for Bodybuilding

The primary aim of Nolvadex is breast cancer treatment, thus, ordinary dosage does not meet the requirements of bodybuilders. When defining Nolvadex PCT dosage, it’s necessary to pay attention to the fact that its halflife is long in comparison with other antiestrogens. Moreover, check what type of steroids you are going to recover after:

  • Orally-ingested anabolics – start taking Nolvadex once the cycle is finished.
  • Short-acting injectable anabolics – wait 4-7 days before starting taking it.
  • Long-acting injectables – use Nolvadex in 10-14 days.

nolvadex-d and bodybuilding

The most appropriate term of Nolvadex post cycling therapy is 4 weeks with 20 mg daily dosage of the drug during the first two weeks, and 10 mg within the next two weeks for adult men. In case no aromatase inhibitors are included into the cycle, Nolvadex is better to start taking from the second week of the cycle. If steroid therapy is more aggressive, 40 mg dosage within the first 4-3 weeks of PCT may be required, followed by 20 mg dose during 2-3 weeks, and ending in 10 mg.

Nolvadex is a great medicine to take both in a combination with other drugs for PCT and just alone. It helps normalize hormone levels and prevent gyno, which is a nightmare for male bodybuilders. Another version of the drug is Nolvadex-d. Both are the same, however, their inactive components may be different. So, when considering Nolvadex-d and bodybuilding, it’s better to check the formula to avoid allergy.