Nolvadex & Proviron Explained: Safety Concerns and Benefits of Each Medication

Being a steroid user, you should consider Nolvadex, Proviron or other similar medication to balance your estrogen level and protect the organism from a devastating impact of prohormones and anabolic steroids. Nolvadex and Proviron serve two ultimate medications that produce a very similar protective effect. Despite the identical use, the medications differ in a number of factors. Learn safety considerations, contraindications and benefits of each drug to make sure you have chosen the best one.


Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) is an indispensable part of a successful steroid cycle for numerous reasons:

  • The drug protects the organism from gyno development and advancement. Nolvadex not only prevents the condition occurrence, though it can also cure it in the early stages. Since gynecomastia is a devastating condition when female breast tissues develop within the male organism, the problem is rather dangerous and requires surgery. However, taking Nolvadex in a proper dose, you will prevent the process and benefit from the steroid effect.
  • Another important action Nolvadex promotes is decrease of estrogen level. Since the medication does not directly lower its levels, it helps achieve the desirable results and warn estrogen imbalances. As a result, Nolvadex intake helps avoid various complications related to increased estrogen levels. Nolvadex is essential during any bulking and even cutting cycles.

To protect the organism and feel the necessary action of steroids one should follow safe Nolvadex dose. 20 mg a day is an optimal dose all through the cycle. This amount is sufficient for a safe and effective action. Taken throughout the cycle, one should not worry about fat gain and other estrogen build-up consequences.

Additionally, experienced steroid users take Nolvadex (especially in a combination with Clomid) as a part of post cycle therapy to activate natural testosterone production at the end of the cycle. During this period, Nolvadex dose may vary from 20 mg to 40 mg.


nolvadex and proviron

Proviron is another anti-estrogen that is considered to be an effective anabolic steroid even despite its absent anabolic effect. The drug also features multiple advantageous impacts on the health condition of steroid users:

  • Proviron prevents and treats affected sexual dysfunction. While a great number of users suffer from decreased or lost sex drive, Proviron users can preserve balanced libido and potency.
  • Fat burning ability of Proviron should also be taken into account, since the treatment is powerful to both reduce water retention and increase muscle density.