Nolvadex: Revolutionary Multipurpose Treatment

Nolvadex is an innovative antiestrogen medication that works blocking the estrogen binding to its receptors, thus, decreasing its level and improving numerous related conditions.

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The drug is successfully used to improve breast cancer, gynecomastia, PCT and other conditions. Since the treatment is rather effective, a patient should consult a healthcare provider before its administration to make sure it will not cause any harmful effects on the body.

Brand and Generic Nolvadex Variants: Select Effective though Cheaper Alternative

Once you are diagnosed with any of the conditions and your doctor prescribes you the treatment, though Nolvadex cost is unbearable for your family budget, you should not despair. With the development of the pharmaceutical market, each customer can find the same quality medications at a considerably lower price.

Generic Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) is an ultimate alternative to the brand drug. The treatment features the same powerful action on estrogen and the same quality effect on certain medical conditions. Sharing the same active ingredient (Tamoxifen), both pharmaceutical products have the same potent impact on the organism, similar contraindications, uses, side effects and other features.

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Brand Nolvadex and generic Tamoxifen citrate should not be taken by patients who are allergic to Tamoxifen, have a history of blood clots or take other medication to treat the condition. Besides, both medications should be taken following the doctor’s recommendation, proper dose and duration of the treatment course. Any misuse or overuse of the drugs will cause serious side effects and health complications, including the following:

  • Severe allergic reactions;
  • Stroke symptoms;
  • Signs of blood clots in the lung or leg;
  • Vision problems;
  • Changes of the menstrual periods;
  • Vaginal discharge;
  • Serious liver problems and others.

Benefits of Generic Nolvadex

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While the safety concerns and other peculiarities of the medications remain identical, there are multiple features that make brand Nolvadex differ from its generic version. While the choice of the most effective treatment remains individual, a vast majority of customers prefer generic Tamoxifen due to the numerous advantages it offers:

  • Reasonable cost. Comparing Nolvadex 20 mg price with the same dose of Tamoxifen, one will notice significant difference. Generic medication is available at a much more competitive price due to the lack of brand-related expenses.
  • Quality. While the cost of generic medication is rather low, the quality remains high. Effective treatment is produced by dependable manufacturers preserving a top-notch effect.
  • Availability. You can buy generic Tamoxifen online without prescription and experience the desirable effect in a short while.
  • Comfort. Opt for the medication online, order it and receive it without leaving your home.