Doctor Gabriela Armando

Gabriela Armando is an oncologist from Spain who leads a personal website and social networks devoted to the breast cancer. The choice of the topic wasn’t accidental as this type of cancer is diagnosed in more than a quarter of all cases of cancer in women.

Doctor Gabriela Armando was born in 1980 in Malaga, Spain. She picked her future profession at the age of 13 when she lost her mother because of the breast cancer. “Unfortunately, I couldn’t save my mom but at that moment I knew for sure that I would do everything possible to save the life of somebody else’s mother. I just didn’t want any other child on Earth to feel the I way I felt.” – says doctor Armando.

In 1996, at the age of 16, she continued her study to get Bachillerato certificate. Two years later, she became a student of Facultad de Medicina at Universidad de Sevilla. On completion of the education in 2002, Gabriela Armando got the Posgrado degree (Master’s degree).

Having all the needed theoretical knowledge, the young woman understood that she wouldn’t be able to reach her goal unless she gains enough of clinical experience. After graduation, doctor Gabriela Armando started her medical career at the Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rosío in Sevilla. Having spent there four years, she decided to move to Barcelona. There she got the possibility to work at Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Designated Center of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care.

“Perhaps the most difficult thing in my job is to say that there’s nothing I can do. It’s the end.”, says doctor Gabriela Armando. In her medical practice she has met hundreds of people with incredible strength and believe that they will overcome the disease, yet there were also those who turned for help too late. It was especially painful for Dr. Armando because she couldn’t help.

Such cases inspired her to create her own website where she could address each and every person and explain him or her that regular visits to the doctors can save their lives. Doctor Armando says that the initial stages of breast cancer may be successfully cured in more than 90% of cases. Yet if the disease has spread to the other organs, only 22% of all the patients may count on full recovery.

At the website, doctor Gabriela Armando writes about the first symptoms of the ailment, methods of self-examination, and the procedures (like mammography) aimed at early diagnostics of the problem. She helps patients to get ready for long and difficult battle with the breast cancer. Doctor Armando explains that there might be some moment when they feel too tired to continue but they have no right to give up in the face of the disease!

In addition to the website, doctor Gabriela Armando has a personal blog on Twitter and a YouTube channel. Thanks to the social networks a bigger number of people around the world may get the knowledge about the prospects and methods of breast cancer treatment, and get a moral support, which is also an important constituent on the way to success.

Doctor Gabriela Armando doesn’t cooperate with any sponsors so you won’t see any ads, sale offers or other marketing things on her website. Furthermore, it is fully financed by the optional membership of people who want to help or get help.

Constant work on the website, social networks, and, of course, hospital leaves little time for family and friends. Nevertheless, doctor Armando always has time for her little daughter and beloved husband.